New labels

I wrote this piece on Discount Banner Printing in April. Unfortunately since then I’ve had very poor service from them and felt compelled to write a review of them on

I can’t recommend that you use them and I will not be using them again in future. Although the quality of their work is good and the website easy to use, customer service is poor and there are better printers out there.


Ooh, an advertising feature!

We do like a bit of branding here at Spleen Towers and recently we redesigned the labels for our tins so that they could be as dynamic as the snuff inside.

We used Discount Banner Printing because:

  • The website is really easy to use
  •  You get the price online without the need to send e-mails
  • They were the best value I could find
  • The quality is excellent

Here’s a picture of the new label in all it’s glory.

New Tin Labels

New Tin Labels


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